Sunday, January 6, 2013

Green Jackets Current Home -- Messy

Why would you want this in a place like Hammond's Ferry?  Here is some of the trash and garbage laying around the current home of the Green Jackets at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

This is the mess at the Green Jackets current stadium at Lake Olmstead

If the stadium is moved to Hammond's Ferry, there will be no place to hide this stuff, every side of the stadium will be viewed from the Greeneway or the roads adjoining the stadium.

Overflowing garbage cans at Lake Olmstead

Old lawn chairs and old moldy green mats

 Not a very nice neighbor to be coming to Hammond's Ferry.  

There's No Place Like for a "Home" Like this in Hammond's Ferry

More garbage and refuse laying around the stadium

Dilapidated awning at stadium 

Looking forward to the "new" look at Hammond's Ferry, brought to you by Green Jackets Baseball

Junk left to rust by the current stadium

The garbage capacity at the stadium, spillover and the "look"


  1. The reason why this stadium looks like it does is cause the surrounding areas dont care. I think Hammond Ferry would be better "landlord"........real homeowners are like that.

  2. Did anyone get that this was bad idea from all of the studies that Augusta did. It was determined a loosing cause. North Augusta would do well and get a copy of all the info from them and save some money doing a new study as to why this is a bad idea. North Augusta is not anywhere close to taking on something of this magnitude. Little steps.

  3. If you or anyone you know is opposed to the baseball stadium being located in Hammonds Ferry or near the Savannah River in North Augusta... please open the link below & sign the petition - "No Baseball Stadium Along The Savannah River"

    Thanks for your support & efforts!